Welcome to Choice Deli & Grocery

Choice Deli & Grocery offers 30 taps ranging from local breweries to all-around favorites. Choose from a variety of hard ciders, Porters, IPAs, Ales and more! We also have a variety of wines for our wine-drinkers. And we wouldn’t be a grocery store if we didn’t have coffee. We have our special espresso machine to brew up fresh cup of coffee for every order.

A Word from Our Customers


“NOT your typical convenience store anymore! They did a fantastic job remodeling. Delicious teriyaki, yakisoba, and hoagies. Espresso and beautiful desserts made in-house! AND tons of beer taps, a nice bar and seating area along with a huge selection of bottled beer & wine.

And don’t worry, part of it is still a convenience store (which is awesome for us neighbors). Check it out!”
Colleen O (Google Review)

“The chicken teriyaki is the best I’ve ever had. Remodeled with a huge selection of drinks. Friendly employees.”
Matt Imus (Google Review)

We make every effort to emphasize local businesses in Washington state. We are always looking to improve, so please give us feedback on your next visit. See you soon!